Thursday, August 20, 2015

My Interview on Dani's Blog!!

Hey all, I just wanted to let you know that I recently did an interview for Dani's Blog! She interviews lots of Etsy shop owners, and I was very honored to receive her request. So head on over and share some love!!

Friday, July 31, 2015

My Britteny's Boutique Friend Forever (BBFF) Doll

I am super excited to introduce My Britteny's Boutique Friend Forever Dolls! I have been wanting to design and offer these dolls for nearly a whole year! I finally got it just the way I like it to offer them to all of you!

These dolls are super squishy, snuggly and perfect to play with for any little ones - both girls and boys! You can make their imaginary friends come to life, make the doll resemble them, or just create a super cool doll for fun. It is all up to you! These dolls are also great for any doll collector to add to their unique collection.

I'm going to be making one for each of my kids for Christmas (sh! don't tell them!), and it's going to be a representation of their imaginary friend! Both of them have had a friend since they were about 1.5 years old - Mimi and Carlin. They are going to love it! I can't wait!!

 For the dolls you will get to choose the skin color, eye color, hair color and style, outfits and much more! I will also be making one of a kind specialty outfits for the dolls, so you can keep adding the dollies wardrobe and play time adventures!

So head on over, check it out, and let's create a one of a kind doll just for you or your little one! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Berry Cute Sweater Set Crochet Pattern - PDF Download

Okay, how seriously precious is this new Berry Cute Sweater Set pattern?! The bonnet and little Mary Jane style slippers are just too cute for words! And the name, well that is because it is super cute and the stitches on the bottom of the sweater and the hat look like berries to me. 

I have always wanted to design a baby bonnet because I think they look absolutely precious on little ones. My daughter used to wear them all the time; until she told me she didn't like them anymore … hehehe! After making this sweater, I knew that this was the perfect sweater to pair with a bonnet. It took me a few tries to make sure I had all of my measurements just right, but man was it worth it!

I also love how much definition the set has. The bottom has a very unique texture too! The whole set works up pretty quickly, very warm, and super cute! You won't want to miss adding this precious pattern to your collection! 

Using the G hook - 13 hdc and 10 rows = 4" square; use a different size hook or yarn to obtain proper gauge.

Sizing / Finished Measurements:
Finished Size for Sweater - Age and Chest
3 months - 16" to 17"
6 months -17" to 18"
12 months -18" to 19"
18 months -19" to 20"
Finished Size for Bonnet - Age and Head Circumference
3 months - 14" to 15.5"
6 months - 15" to 17"
12 months - 16" to 18"
18 months - 18" to 19.5"
Finished Size for Shoes - Age and Sole Length
3 months - 3.5"
6 months -4"

Worsted Weight Yarn (4W) - Color A - Main Color (approx. 7oz)
Worsted Weight Yarn (4W) - Color B - Contrasting Color (approx. 5oz)
You Will Also Need:
H hook (5mm)
G hook (4mm)
Stitch Marker
Yarn Needle
1 - 1/2" to 3/4 " button for sweater
2 - 1/4" buttons for baby booties (3 and 6 month size only)

Preferred Brand/Yarn:
Caron Simply Soft 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Swinging Monkey Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern - PDF Download


I had this idea in mind for a blanket for a long time, but kept getting side tracked with other patterns and ideas.  So, I finally sat down and told myself I was going to get it done and make it happen.  I wanted a baby blanket that was perfect for a little boy, but could be used for a little girl as well.

I wanted the blanket to have texture and design, but yet can be simple and cute! So, as I was working on another project this came to me and I quickly jotted it down.

As I was working it up I knew it needed something a bit more to jazz it up! I just couldn't shake the thought that the blanket resembled vines in a forest, so I thought a swinging monkey would be perfect!

The monkey was SO MUCH FUN to design and crochet! He just adds that extra pop to the blanket and makes it all I was hoping it would be!

I hope you enjoy making your monkey blanket as much as I did designing it!! I can't wait to see all of your Swinging Monkey Blankets! Be sure to share! 

 Link to my store to buy this pattern!

Link to Etsy to buy this pattern!

14 dc and 9 rows = 4" square; use a different size hook to obtain proper gauge

Sizing / Finished Measurements:
34 inches by 34 inches

G (4.0mm) crochet hook
Light Worsted Weight Yarn (3W) - Main Color - 10oz
Light Worsted Weight Yarn (3W) - Contrasting Color - 4oz
Worsted Yarn (4W) - Small amount of white, black, green, dark brown, medium brown, and buff

You Will Also Need:
Stitch Marker
Yarn Needle

Preferred Brand/Yarn:
Bernat Baby Coordinates

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Gardening 2015

YAY!! We just put in our family garden! We actually have two gardens going this year. We have a vegetable garden in the ground full of tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, green beans, onions, and broccoli. Then we decided to make a little herb and lettuce garden too. I thought they would work best in pots right off our kitchen deck! 
I can't wait to dig into these goodies and cook with the fresh herbs! They are going to add so much to my yummy new dishes.  
I love to freeze and can the goodies too, so they can last all winter long. I think I am looking forward to fresh Zucchini bread and homemade tomato sauce the most! I have already posted my Zucchini bread recipe last fall, so be sure to check it out! It is so good!  
I am thinking this year I just might have to share my tomato sauce recipe … stay tuned! :-) 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My Adventurous Kitchen!!

I have been in a rut with my cooking lately and am in a serious need for some new goodies! I like to stick with the usual so I know that Miss K (5 years old) and Master Z (3 years old) are going to eat it. Pasta, cheese, chicken … you know the usual toddler/kid friendly foods.

However, I am getting sick of eating the same stuff. So, with both of them willing to try new foods lately, I thought it would be a good time to venture out into some new recipes and foods! So, I decided that every Tuesday and every Thursday I will be trying a new recipe!

I got out a bunch of cook books that I have accrued over the years and started going through them. I marked each page that had a recipe that I think we would all enjoy! If we like that recipe I will mark the paper with an X and leave it. If we don't I will remove it all together.

I can't wait to try many new recipes and see what the family thinks!

What are some recipes books that you like to use?

I am looking for a few more to add to my collection!!

A friend and I even started a Facebook group to collect and share new recipes! Feel free to join in the fun!!

Of course, I will continue to post any of my own recipes here, but things from the cookbooks will be in the Facebook group.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Prince Charming Sweater Set Crochet Pattern - PDF Download

I have a little boy and I have always found it hard to find him a little sweater set when he was a baby that was dressy and handsome, but not frilly and girly. So, I decided to design my own and make it perfect for a little boy and a bit dressy. Now, if only I could shrink him to fit in this set! I am thinking I just might have to make it in a toddler and child size some time!  

This sweater set makes for the perfect sweater set to give to a spring and summer baby too because it is light weight, yet warm enough for those cool summer nights. It is full of fun textures to add some charm to the set too! 

The complete set is easy to whip up with some light weight yarn (3 W) and an E hook! The pattern comes in 4 sizes (0-3, 3-6, 6-12 & 12-18 months). Both the 0-3 months and 3-6 months patterns include the sweater, hat, and booties; and the 6- 12 months and 12-18 months set includes patterns for the sweater and hat.

Finished Size

Age and Chest  

0-3 months  16 to 17 
3-6 months 17 to 18  
6-12 months 18 to 19 
12-18 months 19 to 19.5 

Finished Size for Hat 

Age and Head Circumference  

0-3 months  13.5 to 15.5 
3-6 months  15 to 17 
6-12 months  16 to 18 
2-18 months  17.5 to 19.5 

Finished Size for Boots 

Age and Sole Length  

0-3 months  3.5 
3-6 months 4  

Enjoy making the wonderful little set! I can't wait to see some of your fabulous sweater sets!!