Friday, April 18, 2014

Two Tone Sweater Pattern - PDF - Free Crochet Sweater Pattern!!

Update: I've just release this sweater as a complete set! Check it out here!!

I am so excited to introduce my Two Tone Baby Sweater Pattern. I am offering this pattern for free to
everyone!! I LOVE making baby items for my store and this is one of my favorite sweaters to make. It is so easy to make for a baby girl or baby boy. Also, you can add pockets, appliques, or whatever you would like to make it your very own!
The sweater is written for 0-3 month size, but it is simple enough that you can adjust it to make it larger if you wish.

Just click the picture to the left, or the link below and enjoy this pattern. Also, I would love to hear what you think!

Two Tone Baby Sweater
Skill Level - Easy
    ch(s) – chain(s)
    sc – single crochet
    dc- double crochet
    sp – space
    ea - each
    st(s) – stitch(es)
    sk - skip
    sl st – slip stitch
    dc2tog – double crochet 2 stitches together
    V-st – V-Stitch
    FO – Fasten Off
Special Stitches
    V-Stitch – dc, ch1, dc
    Worsted Weight Yarn:
      Color A – approx. 4 ounces
      Color B – approx. 1 ounce
    Crochet Hook, size H
    Yarn Needle
    5 Buttons
  • Ch3 always counts as first dc
  • Button band on right for boys and left for girls, so you can adjust the pattern accordingly
  • This pattern will make a sweater like the green one pictured. The others are variations that you make on your own.

Use Color A

Ch 37

Row 1 – Dc in 3rd ch from hook and in the next 4chs. V-st (see special stitches) in next ch. Dc in next 4chs (sleeve), V-st in next ch, dc in 12chs, V-st in next ch, dc in next 4chs (sleeve), V-st in next ch, dc in last 6chs, ch 3 turn. (40dc, 4 chs)

Row 2 – Dc2tog in ch 3 space and in next dc (this will close the usual hole here, but not add stitches) *dc in ea dc to first ch1 sp. V-st in ch1 sp,* repeat from* 3 times. Dc in ea dc to end, ch3 and turn (48 dc, 4 ch1)

Rows 3-5 – Repeat row 2 (72dc, 4 ch1)

Row 6 – Dc2tog in ch3 sp and next dc. Dc in ea dc to first ch1 sp. Dc in ch1 sp, ch 3, sk next 14 dc, dc in next ch1 sp (arm opening made). Dc in ea dc to next ch1 sp. Dc in ch1 sp, ch 3, sk next 14 dc, dc in next ch1 sp (second arm opening made). Dc to end, ch 3, turn. (48dc, 6chs)

Row 7 – Dc2tog in ch3 sp and next dc. Dc across in each dc and ch sp. Ch 3, turn. (54dc)

Row 8-14 – Dc2tog in ch3 sp and next dc. Dc in ea dc across, ch 3, turn. – FO (54dc)

Sleeves (x2)

With Color A

Row 1 – Join with a sl st in middle of ch3, ch 3 (counts as first dc here and throughout). Evenly dc 20 sts around opening – sl st in top of ch 3. Ch 3, turn. (21dc)

Row 2-8 – Dc2tog in ch 3 sp and in next dc, dc around – sl st in top of ch 3. Ch 3, turn – FO (21dc)

Cuffs (x2)

With Color B

Row 1 – Join with a sl st on top of where you last FO. Sc that same st and around – join with a sl st, ch 1 – DO NOT TURN (21sc)

Rows 2-5 – Sc in ch1 sp and sc in ea sc around – join with a sl st, ch 1 – FO (Fold back) (21sc)


With Color B

Row 1 – Attach yarn with a sl st in bottom right front of sweater ch 1, sc in that same st. Evenly sp 28 sc to first corner, 3sc in corner, sc in next 33sts, 3sc in corner, 28 sc evenly spaced down next side, 3sc in corner, 52sc along bottom, 2sc in same st as beg (ch1,sc)st. Join with sl st.

Row 2 – Ch 1, sc in same st, sc in next st, *ch 1 sk next st, sc in next 5* 4 times. Ch 1 sk next st, sc in next 3 sts, 3 sc in corner (center st of group of 3sc made in round one), sc in each remaining st with 3sc in corners like previously made, join with a sl st.

Row 3 – Sc in ea st and ch. 3sc in corner, sl st along neck, 3sc in corner, sc in ea st with 3 sc in corner, sc in ea st. along the bottom. 2sc in same st as beg – join and FO

  • Weave in all ends
  • Sew on buttons opposite button holes
  • Applique if desired


  1. Hi Britteny

    I have nominated you for an award!

    Greetings Joanita
    Creative Crochet Workshop

    1. Thank you so much!! You are very kind! I will be sure to pay it forward!

  2. Hi Brittney - I am very new to crochet, I just love this pattern and would like to make it for my 6 year old, but have no idea how to enlarge it....If you ever amend the directions for bigger sizes, could you let me know? Many thanks, Lynne

    1. Yes, it is on my to-do list! Keep an eye here for more info!!

  3. I am not understanding the need for the dc2tog on the sleeves. Maybe I am doing it wrong but it just leaves big holes.

    1. I am so sorry. I never got notified of your comment.

      The Dc2tog in the turning chain and the next dc on both the sleeve and the body of the sweater will just close the gap that is created when using the ch 3 as the first dc. But, this will not create an extra stitch. Here is a link to a photo tutorial that I created. :-) Hope this helps.

  4. Dc2tog is to decrease the size of the wrist hole. Maybe you are doing it wrong as t shouldn't be leaving holes.

  5. Please I need help! I'm a beginner and I don't undestand the meaning of ch 1 sp.

    1. Hi! When you made the V-st (dc, ch 1, dc) in rows 1-5, that ch 1 is the ch 1 sp that I am referring to. Hope this helps. If not please let me know. :-)

  6. beautiful sweater and love the two tones! Thanks for sharing the pattern with us all!

  7. It seems conceivable that you could do the sleeves in the round once you have dc the twenty stitches around the opening. Just a thought

    1. Yes, you most certainly can! I personally just don't like the look of it; I don't feel that it flows with the back and forth stitching throughout the rest of the sweater. Thank you so much for your comment!

  8. I want to make this for my 14 month old son. He's 25 pounds and wears 12-18 month size clothes comfortably. Any suggestions on how to enlarge this sweater pattern for his size? Thanks in advance

    1. Yes, I've already done all the math, and included it in my complete pattern set for this sweater here, and it even includes a hat for that size as well:

  9. Where can I find patterns to the complete set? There doesn't seem to link anywhere.

    1. The link that you are looking for is: