Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spots the Cute Puppy Crochet Pattern

Update: This pattern has been redesigned as part of the work that I did on the Puppy PAL-ooza line. Spots has received a makeover, and now is more detailed!

Spots was my very first pattern that I ever wrote! He was inspired by my precious little guy, as is almost all of my patterns that I write! I got a custom order for a Blue's Clues stuffed dog, and he sat right next to me the whole time I was assembling it - just waiting for it. I had told him several times that it wasn't for him, but since at the time he was only one and a half years old, he didn't quite get it! So I put it away and finished it after he went to bed, and then started my mission for finding a more generic puppy pattern that I could make for him because he has no idea who Blue is.

I searched many of the popular pattern sites for ANY pattern that looked like a real dog, even though I was going to make him blue, I wanted it kind of realistic. After coming up empty handed, I told my husband that I was going to put my fears aside and make my own pattern! I worked and worked on him until he finally came out just the way I wanted.
I handed him over to my little guy and the smile was priceless! He sleeps with that original Spots every night, and he is starting to look a little beat up from all of his night time adventures and protecting his buddy from all the spooks of the night, but he is still VERY loved!!

So, click either picture, or the link below to get your own copy of Spots the Cute Puppy to make for your special someone to have as a new best friend! And, as a mom, he is the best kind of best friend a little one could have!! ENJOY!!


  1. Britteny, your son is adorable, and I can imagine how hard it was to tell him the puppy wasn't for him. How wonderful that you created your own pattern just for him. And who cares if the pup is sporting a "loved" look? If I were a stuffed animal, that's certainly what is want. :) nice job! Mary @ Go Crochet Crazy

    1. Thank you very much!! He definitely looks very loved, but you are right, as a stuffed friend their is no better way to look!!