Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Found Patio WIP

My husband and I moved into our current house over a year and a half ago. One of the things that we changed when we first moved in was the fencing. The owner, two owners prior to us, had several huskies that required extensive chain link fencing - our dog does not.
So, we took out over half of the chain link fencing and decreased the "dog" space by about a third. This still leaves her almost a quarter acre to play in. Yes, we have a big yard, one of several reasons we fell in love with this house.

So, with the fencing gone, we realized that the awning off the side of the garage was actually intended to be a patio space - not the covered dog pen that it was when we moved in. And so began our quest for the found patio.

It started with the furniture. There was a chair and love-seat on the deck when we moved in (with some nasty cushions that have since vacated the premises). We already had outdoor furniture that we liked much better, but we couldn't stand the idea of getting rid of perfectly good furniture. So, a can of spray-paint each later, and we have some shabby-chic pieces for the patio!

Then one day we were driving home and noticed this beauty by the roadside with a free sign on it. It was not too far from our house, so I convinced my husband to go get it for us. He was such a dear, and carried the thing home all by himself. It was green when we got it, so it was in definite need of repainting.

And finally, the bricks, pavers, and other assorted stones that were already here. I think this might have actually been a patio for a previous owner, but it was not maintained for a very long time. So, we gathered them all together, loosened up the dirt, and started laying them out. Leveling has been the real challenge because they are all different heights, but as you can see, we are about half-way there!

Stay tuned for the completed post, and pictures to come!

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