Monday, September 22, 2014

Memories and Old Toys for New Kids!

We have always been a very sentimental family!  We take a ton of photos and often save items that are sentimental to us in some way.  I'm not a pack rat, so sometimes I have to go through what I have saved for my little ones to make sure I am not getting too carried away. Both my hubby and I have saved a few toys, books, and a couple stuffed animals that were important and well loved by us as children.

As our two little ones have grown and their own interests have developed, we have noticed so many similarities in their preference for toys and books that are similar to what we enjoyed as children. So, we have slowly given them the books and toys to play with and read. 

They have been overjoyed to receive them. They have been playing with these two since we gave them to them over the weekend. My hubby and I have also enjoyed playing with our old toys as well. It sure has brought back so many memories for us both!

It just warms my heart to see my two little ones appreciate, love and enjoy these treasures. I hope they keep a few of their favorites and pass them on as well!! 

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