Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Selecting a Curriculum and Other Topics This Year

We have finally decided on a curriculum that we will be using this year for our little ones. My husband and I wanted one that was full of a variety of content
, non-religious based, and something that we could adapt to make it our own. We found the Core Knowledge Sequence and have been really enjoying it!  It covers a variety of important topics, incorporates the multiple intelligences, and works well for both of our children. It has the ability to add in whatever we would like too.

We use the math curriculum My Math from McGraw-Hill, it is broken down for us into topics that are
important for preschoolers to learn. It offers the ability to take us back a step if something is confusing or tough, and also the option for us to take it a step further if it is something that the kids have mastered quickly and want to explore further. This is very helpful to us. Also, it offers many different methods of covering the content, whether it be through
hands-on activities, math through literature, as well as visual learning. This is very helpful to both of my little ones.

We also are covering American Sign Language (ASL) with them. We have a routine morning meeting where
we cover a wide variety of topics. And, we will also be diving into a specialized reading curriculum soon, since my little girlie seems to have a
knack for ELA! I will be covering all of these topics, and more, as we delve deeper into our homeschooling journey.

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