Sunday, September 7, 2014

Spreading The Love of Handmade

My two little ones and I go walking in the morning and on our way back home we stop at the park to play for a bit. One morning, not too long ago, for some reason my daughter said, “Mommy let’s go this way!” I said, “Okay!” …not our usual way, but it didn't really matter.

As we were walking down the street I noticed an older women (I would guess around 80 years old) sitting on her porch crocheting. Naturally I had to stop, say, “Hi” and ask what she was crocheting.

Without answering she said, “Can I give your kids something?”
"What is it?" I responded.
You just never know these days…
And without answering again she gets up and goes into her house.

So, we stand there for a few seconds and she comes out with these two beautiful crocheted teddy bear/angel blankets.

I said, “Oh those are beautiful,” as she hands them over to me. I told her that I crochet as well and that my two little ones have several crocheted blankets, and that she can give these to her family and friends to cherish.

She says “I have crocheted so many of these and everyone has one, now I make them for charities, the NICU, and local neighborhood children. I am trying to spread the love of handmade and make a difference!”

We sat and talked for about twenty minutes (the longest my two little ones were willing to cooperate for) about crocheting and our mutual love for all things handmade.

I again insisted that they were beautiful, but she didn't have to give them to us and to give them to charity. She insisted, so I have two happy little ones with two new handmade blankets from a very VERY sweet women! Bless her heart!

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