Sunday, October 12, 2014

GipsonWands (c.o. VioletsBuds) Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Pancake Recipe - Review

The other evening I came across a post on Instagram from GipsonWands of these delicious pancakes. So, of course I asked for the recipe, and was pleasantly surprised when he directed me here. I also asked if I could share this on my blog and he agreed!

The recipe is pretty simple overall, just adding some extra goodies to plain old pancakes. I love taking something so simple, and spicing it up, so I couldn't wait to try these on my family and they were a hit!

I found that the real trick is to get all the add-ins on at least a good minute before the pancake needs to be flipped. Otherwise, they don't seem to stick and the griddle gets messy - fast! Maybe next time I will mix them into the batter to make it a bit easier, and hide the oatmeal pieces that my 4.5 year old so nicely picked out and set aside. She can be such a picky eater.

When we got to the table, the first bite made me realize what this was all along - oatmeal cookies! They really taste exactly like a hot oatmeal cookie, and even pair very nicely with a glass of milk. The icing is a great touch as well and really enhance that cookie feeling when you are eating them!

As we were eating them it also came to me that these pancakes would really be the perfect holiday morning treat! A breakfast that your little ones would be sure to eat on Christmas morning! Every year I always make something special for breakfast and these would be perfect - a little red dye in the icing would add to holiday feeling!

I recommend these to anyone that is looking to spice up a weekend or holiday breakfast! They taste great, the kids love them, and they are super easy and fun to make.

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