Thursday, October 9, 2014

My 3 Favorite Crochet Tools

Every artist has their favorite tools, right? No matter what you make or design you have your favorite brand, style, or material. This is a collection of my three most favorite tools, and each picture links to that item on Amazon (if you'd like one of your very own). ;-)

When I first began crocheting I would swear by my Boye hooks, until a fellow crocheter recommended I try the Clover hooks and I was hooked!! They are so comfortable in my hands, so much so that my hand usually doesn't tire while I am crocheting. They are shaped just so that they sit in your perfectly for crocheting. They are also super lightweight which is a bonus! They only thing I have noticed with them, is they do have a tendency to have a smaller gauge when making items.

I also LOVE my Gingher scissors! I think I would be lost without them. They cut through the yarn so well, and it prevents all types of yarn from fraying and looking ragged on the ends. This then makes it easier to weave in the ends and the end of projects. Everybody in the house knows better than to touch those scissors! ;-)
Finally, and probably kind of funny, is safety pins. I use them all the time when I am crocheting. My hubby has bought me two different styles of stitch markers, but I always end up going back to my safety pins. I have several in all different sizes in every crochet bag that I have going. I use them when working in the rounds to mark my stitch, I use them to mark rows, and I also use them to hold my stitch when I go to work on another project.

Happy Hooking!

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