Saturday, November 8, 2014

Exploring Your Five Senses with a Marshmallow!

This is one of my favorite topics to cover because there are so many activities that the little ones can do to explore all five of their senses. However, our marshmallow play was by far the best activity we did. We were able to play with it, cover all of your senses and best of all it tasted delicious!

First I gave them one marshmallow, water and a magnifying glass,  and told them to play with it and investigate the marshmallow any way they could and tell me about what they were finding. When they would tell me what they were finding I would back it up with "oh you are using your sense of sight" or "good job using your sense of smell."

Then I gave them a new marshmallow and turned it around by asking them what information can we gather by using our sense of smell, sight, hearing, touch, and taste? They would then tell me "it smells like sugar," "it feels soft and squishy," and "it looks smooth and white." By doing this we were able to use all of our five senses in a fun way!

By the way, I didn't get a pictures of this activity because we were all a little sticky!

I highly recommend this activity when exploring the five senses! Both of my little ones were able to fully take part, comprehend what we were doing, and explore their senses! 

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