Friday, January 16, 2015

My New OttLite Light!

I am so excited!!! This year for Christmas my Santa brought me a new craft light!! It is the OttLite 2 in 1 LED Magnifier Floor And Table Lamp. It has wonderful LED daylights that light up my yarn, especially the dark colors, really well! It also has a magnifier too, which is great for threading needles and other small tasks! There is no more strain on my eyes at night or when working on small items, and that has helped with some of my headaches too.

I also love the fact that it can be either a floor lamp or a table top lamp! It makes it so easy for me to easily crochet anywhere there is a plug. It has a really sturdy base, which is also really helpful with two little ones running around and investigating everything. It has yet to be knocked over!

It is a wonderful addition to my craft section of the house. I think I would be lost without it now!

I am in no way affiliated with OttLite; this is not a paid endorsement.

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