Friday, April 3, 2015

Baby's Bouncing Ball Blanket Pattern - Crochet Pattern - PDF

After making the Bouncing Ball Sweater Set pattern I knew I just had to make a blanket to match. As I was working on the blanket I thought how cute this would look in various sizes! So, I went and made this blanket in THREE sizes and all of them are included in the pattern!

There is the Nite Nite size that is (42" L X 35"W), and it is perfect for bedtime in a crib, toddler bed or naps on the couch. The Travel Size is (28"L X 25"W) and is a wonderful size to tuck a little one in in a car seat on a cool morning or a blustery day. It also fits well is a stroller or carriage too! Finally, the Snuggle Size is (14L X 14"), and makes great lovies for a little one to carry around and snuggle.

These blankets are so perfect because they have such great texture to them. The balls really pop on the blanket and when you run your hand across the blanket it has great texture to it! They also can be made a huge variety of colors to match d├ęcor, favorite colors, and sports teams.

I can't wait to see your Bouncing Ball Blankets!

Special Stitch:
5 dc-cl - [Yo, insert hook in indicated st, yo, draw up a lp, yo, draw through 2 lps on hook] 5 times in same st, yo, draw through all 6 lps on hook.

Not important for this pattern.

Sizing / Finished Measurements:
Snuggle Size (14" X 14")
Travel Size (28"L X 25"W)
Nite-Nite Size (42"L X 35"W)

Worsted Weight Yarn (4W) - Color A - Approx. (4oz, 7oz, 16oz)
Worsted Weight Yarn (4W) - Color B - Approx. (1oz, 3oz, 7oz)
J (6.00mm) hook
Tapestry Needle

Preferred Brand/Yarn:
Red Heart Super Saver

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