Saturday, May 30, 2015

Prince Charming Sweater Set Crochet Pattern - PDF Download

I have a little boy and I have always found it hard to find him a little sweater set when he was a baby that was dressy and handsome, but not frilly and girly. So, I decided to design my own and make it perfect for a little boy and a bit dressy. Now, if only I could shrink him to fit in this set! I am thinking I just might have to make it in a toddler and child size some time!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Modern Bowler Hat Crochet Pattern - PDF Download

I am seriously in love with how simple, quick, yet cute this hat is! It is all worked in the round and comes together in about 2 hours!!

I needed a hat for Mr. Z for Easter, but didn't want anything to fancy or over the top. Also, I needed something to match big sisters Easter Dress! After searching and not finding any hats that I liked, I decided to make my vision out of crochet, and it turned out perfectly.