Monday, July 4, 2016

Coming Soon - My Puppy Pal Product Line!!!

This little fella has been my best seller as both a crochet pattern, made to order toy, and I even had a couple finished dogs in my shop for a while, but they all sold out!! So, I've decided it was time to revamp and upgrade this pattern, to be relaunched in conjunction with a whole pile of puppy goodness!

I have so much fun puppy stuff coming that it's turning into a puppy palooza here at my house! I've been crocheting my fingers off, and even took one of the projects from this line in the car with me on the way to our family picnic yesterday.

Oh, and I've even designed a whole new pattern, but I'll have to save those details for another post. While I've been designing, updating, and revamping these two patterns, my little ones couldn't help but bring out their very own little puppies. It was a good thing too because they needed some repairs because they have been very well loved!

I'm so excited to share more details about all that is coming over these next four weeks! My house has really been taken over by all things puppy these last couple of weeks. I hope you stay tuned for all this puppy goodness, and who doesn't love a cute puppy!?!?
P.S. be sure to follow me on social media for a chance to help name the little cuties that are going to be a part of this awesome line!

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