Tuesday, July 12, 2016

More Puppies! Baby Lovey Style!!

In my last Puppy PAL-ooza post, I talked about how puppy plush toys have been a good seller for me, but I didn't mention that another awesome item that I can't keep stocked are baby loveys, or security blankets. These are small blankets that are easy for a baby to snuggle, but not quite big enough to cover baby. I love putting a small plushy in the center of the blanket to give the baby something even more substantial to snuggle. I even
try to add little arms to give them something to hang on to when carrying it around!

Since I'm making everything puppies, what better loveys than these!?!? I wanted to combine puppies and loveys because they have been so popular with all my wonderful customers! Also, I know my customers love unique items to give as gifts, so I made these with camo colored yarn.

I went with camo for unique-ness, and to make them a little on the whimsical side. Naturally I had to use pink camo, and add bows to the girl version.

I opted to sew the eyes on with yarn, as opposed to safety eyes for two reasons. First of all it makes them even safer for the little ones that chew everything (ahem, I'm looking at you Mr. Z!). Second, it makes it so that the entire lovey is super soft and cuddly with no hard nubs to poke baby in the night. As always, these are 100% machine washable!

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates on this puppy pal-ooza!

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