Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Puppy PAL-ooza continues!

A favorite gift of mine to make for a new baby is a baby blanket. So, I just knew when I was designing this Puppy PAL-ooza line that it had to include baby blankets for you all to give your special little ones! Also, for my fellow crocheters, I'm going to be releasing the pattern for this blanket along with all the other
products on August 1st!!

I wanted a blanket that wasn't too frilly, so it could be done in either boy or girl colors because I've always been a stickler about having something for the little fellas as well as the little ladies! This particular blanket has some texture and detail, but not so much as to distract from the over-sized applique. If you're making your own, it can be done in almost any color combination imaginable to work with any nursery theme!

I wanted to put a big emphasis on the face when designing this applique because babies find faces so fascinating. Then I was watching my dog playing with my children, and noticed how she would always lower her head, stick her butt in the air, hook her tail, and wag it before jumping off to play with them. I thought it was just adorable, so that was the main inspiration for this applique.

I also love to give blankets as a gift because they are something that babies can use even through their toddler years. Lately, I've been giving little stuffies to go with the blankets. So, this was a perfect opportunity for me to re-work my Cute Puppy Pattern. Now my puppy applique has a similar stuffed toy to go with it, making a super gift to give a new mom. The stuffed puppy is something that you give as a gift for a baby shower, but the child can play with it forever; just ask my daughter!

Just to recap, so far we've talked about naming puppies, puppy loveys, puppy blankets, puppy stuffed toys, what more could there possibly be!?!? Oh right, I still have some sweater sets, with a little extra something, that you will have to wait until next week to find out about! Until then, have a nice day!!

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