Monday, August 1, 2016

Puppy PAL-ooza LAUNCH!!

The time has finally arrived, the Puppy PAL-ooza has begun!!

You've been teased for almost a whole month, you've heard all about the loveys, and the blanket sets. You even had to endure through the release of the free pocket applique! Finally, it's all over, and you can peruse all this great puppy stuff!

I've got everything from plush puppies, to blankets sets, to sweaters, to loveys, and even patterns for my fellow crocheters!!

Of course, no product line would be complete for Britteny's Boutique without my most cherished sweater sets! For this line, I used my Two Tone Sweater pattern, and appliqued it with this pocket applique.

The items in this line have a wide range of prices for your baby shower gift shopping, and best of all, FREE SHIPPING!!

The sweater sets are all gender neutral, making them great gifts for parents that don't want to know the gender of their little bundle of joy. There are four sets to choose from, and they cover sizes all the way up to 18 months, so you have a wide variety to choose from!

With fall and winter baby showers just around the corner, the blanket sets and loveys are gender specific making them wonderfully unique shower gifts too!

Especially for my fellow crocheters, I have released today My Puppy Pal Blanket pattern that was the inspiration behind this whole Puppy PAL-ooza. Then I was going to design a whole new amigurumi puppy, when I thought it would be a great opportunity to update the very first pattern that I ever wrote and released, Spots the Cute Puppy! So, he got a makeover which you can check out here.

A big thank you to everyone who participated on social media who helped name the four puppies that are featured in this line. Nilla, Toffee, Tipper, and Patches thank you very much for their awesome names, and anxiously await their forever homes!

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