Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Welcome Back!!

Hey Everyone!

I know it seems like I have vanished for a few months, but I am back!

This past fall my life got extremely busy and I just couldn't keep up with everything, so unfortunately I had to let the blog and newsletter go for a bit. My husband and I started coaching our daughter's soccer team, our son started swim lessons, I did my first craft fair,
on top of the Holiday rush both personal and business, homeschooling, and life; I felt I couldn't find the time to sit down type up patterns, recipes, blog posts or newsletters.

However, I am back now and ready to go! I have a TON of amigurumi patterns ready to be typed and tested, as well as a bunch of baby doll clothes patterns! My goal is to get at least one pattern released every month, if not more!! So, I am looking to fill up my pattern testing group. I am always looking for more testers! I will be posting a new pattern to be tested very soon!

Last year I tried moving this group to Ravelry, however that did not work. Not everyone was receiving the emails when I posted a new pattern to be tested, and many people were not contacting me with notes and information if they did test the pattern. For this reason I am moving the group back to Google Groups. I feel I have more control over who is in the group and people in the group were very helpful, friendly, and really cared about what they were testing for me. I really appreciated that, and that is what I was truly looking for!

I will also be keeping my Etsy shop nice and full with many wonderful stuffed friends, baby doll clothes, baby items and more. So, if you are looking for a finished item be sure to stop by and take a look! I am also back open to custom orders. Feel free to message me in my Etsy shop or on Facebook if you are looking for something special. I am now offering FREE SHIPPING to everyone everywhere in the US too!!

I have many new recipes to share, and blog posts to come. So stayed tuned to see all the wonderful stuff !! I look forward to a wonderful 2017 with all of you!

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