Sunday, February 12, 2017

Happy Snowman Crochet Pattern - PDF Download

As, I sit here today, writing this blog post and super happy to release a new crochet pattern it is storming like crazy outside. We are having mixed precipitation and then a bunch of snow, so how fitting it is to be releasing my snowman amigurumi pattern?!

I just love snowmen, especially the jolly cartoon looking ones, so of course I had to design one.
They remind me of all the memories building them outside as a kid, and building them with my two little ones now! Building snowmen is one of our favorite snowy day adventures, then to come inside and have some hot cocoa and cookies!

Also, as I was designing them, family and friends were coming and going throughout the holiday events I was hosting, and boy were they a hit! Everyone kept saying how much they loved them and wanted them. Well, a few of them were pleasantly surprised to receive one! I am hoping to do a few more for the 2017 Holiday Season too!

These snowmen turn out so happy, fun and playful! I even included the option of adding a weighted bottom to the snowman so he will easily sit on a chair or shelf. I had them sitting on my mantle and in a kids wooden rocking chair, and both options looked adorable! My two little ones even had fun carrying them around and taking them on snowy adventures.

I love the options for color fun in the mittens and scarves, the puffy trim on the mitten and boot cuffs, and the twinkle in his eye! He is so squishy, chubby and great to add to your snowman collection or to give as a gift like I did!

I would love to hear what you think of this adorable little guy, and to see any pictures of your snowman! So, feel free to share here or on any of my social media outlets!

Also, a huge thank you to my testers who helped me finalize this amazing pattern!


✿Sizing / Finished Measurements✿
The snowman is approximately 17 inches from tip of tap to heel of foot.

Worsted Weight Yarn - 4W - 6oz White
Worsted Weight Yarn - 4W - 2oz Black
Worsted Weight Yarn - 4W - >1oz Orange
Worsted Weight Yarn - 4W - 1oz Mitten/Scarf Color
5W Yarn - 2oz Cream/Ivory
Embroidery Floss - 3ft Black for pupil of eye
Embroidery Floss - 5ft White for outer eye
F(3.75mm) hook
1.5mm hook
Poly Fil
Pouch with polyfil beads
Stitch marker
Tapestry Needle