Sunday, March 5, 2017

Snuggly Pal - Bunny Stuffed Animal Crochet Pattern

Wow! How can it be that Easter will be here so soon? I feel like we just finished all of the Christmas celebrations. I have started creating and shopping to fill my two little ones Easter Baskets, and one of those goodies is going to be this super cute little snuggly bunny!

I love how sweet and simple they are. They work up quickly too, so you will be able to make many of them in time for Easter! They fit right into baskets or a rather large Easter egg! How fun would it be to find that large golden egg Easter morning with a cute bunny inside?!

I have made these in basic rabbit colors, but I am itching to make them in fun springy colors! I was even thinking of making them in fun colors, fill a basket with them and setting them out as a super kid friendly and cute Easter decoration. The possibilities are endless!

Also, if you are giving these to a little one under the age of 3, or to a child who likes to put things in their mouths they can be easily made without the safety nose and mouth.

Enjoy making these cuties and be sure to send me pictures!

As always, if you have any questions drop me an email or contact me on any social media outlets!

Happy Spring!

  • Worsted Weight (4W) Yarn – 3oz – Main Body Color
  • Worsted Weight (4W) Yarn - 1oz – Paws & Inner Ear Color
  • Small amount of black, dark brown, or pink for mouth
  • F (3.75mm) hook
  • Poly Fil
  • 2 – 9mm safety eyes
  • 9mm safety nose
  • 1in pompom for tail (I used my Clover Pompom maker, however you may make yours anyway you wish)
  • Stitch marker
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors


  1. Where can I find the pattern? Thank you 😊

    1. My apologies, you should be able to click on any of the "Get this..." pictures now.